Closely. Reimagining how small businesses step up their game in social marketing.

Bringing Live, Everyday Marketing to Small Businesses

Marketing is going live. Consumers are already there, and the small businesses that embrace this shift move to the front of the line for customer growth.

Social and mobile have completely transformed how consumers shop. Small businesses understand this and intuitively know they need to do more. Yet they struggle with the rapid pace, and need products that fit their on-the-go work style.

They will make social marketing the cornerstone of their business growth.

We convert the noise and complexity of multiple social channels into simple customer signals - pointing businesses to what’s most important, showing where they fall short of their competitors, and guiding for continual improvement.

Our products create smart customer interaction habits and strengthen a business’ social presence.

Closely lives at the front line of Social Media Management - paving the way for each business to step ahead of their crowd.


Quickly becoming a must-have mobile service for local marketing, Perch combines social media posts, promotions and reviews from popular platforms all in one app. Perch provides insights that helps businesses discover new ways ways to connect with customers, keep up with their competition, and improve their everyday social marketing habits.

See what's attracted over 100,000 small businesses!
  • Our Partners

    “Closely is part of a trend bringing increasingly sophisticated online marketing capabilities to SMBs...”

    - Greg Sterling, Industry Analyst

  • Our Partners

    “The team at Closely is addressing a universal challenge for marketing tech providers and that is simply that no one is getting the attention of the SMBs.”

    - Joe Zell, Grotech Ventures

Our Partners

“Closely has quietly built out a novel business model which draws on learnings from the consumer world to solve one of the most dire problems in the business technology industry: Selling to small businesses.”

- Steven Jacobs, StreetFight Magazine